5 Dental Procedures You Should Consider

When you aren’t satisfied by your smile, you can request certain types of dental procedures from a dentist. Consider these five ways to improve the beauty of your smile.

Dental Crowns to Cover Damaged Teeth

When you have a large cavity or a damaged tooth, a dentist can make a customized dental crown to cover it. Today, most crowns are made from color-matching composites that will look natural inside your mouth so that no one will know that you have one of these restorations. Dental crowns are often a same day restoration procedure so that you can have a gorgeous smile right away.

Request Bonding for Your Teeth

A dentist can apply a durable resin directly on a damaged tooth so that it looks normal. Bonding is excellent for covering a small chip or scratch on a tooth, but it can also hide a discoloration that is creating an unattractive appearance. The bonding process is fast, and the dentist will polish the material to ensure that it looks natural inside your mouth.

Have Veneers Applied to Your Front Teeth

When you have a tooth that is the wrong length, you can have its appearance improved with a thin veneer. These items are customized to fit precisely on the top of a tooth that is toward the front of your mouth. A dentist will attach the veneer with a durable waterproof resin, and with the proper care, this type of dental restoration will last for many years.

Replace One or More Missing Teeth

If you are tired of coping with a dental bridge or dentures, then talk to your dentist about modern dental implants. These devices are a permanent solution for tooth loss, and you can often have the dental implants inserted right away. When you have poor bone quality or gum disease, a dentist can provide medications or treatments to solve these problems in a few months so that you can receive dental implants.

Remove Ugly Stains from Your Dental Enamel

Rather than wasting your money on poor-quality teeth whitening kits from a drugstore, visit your dentist for a professional dental procedure. A dentist can protect your dental restorations from the hydrogen peroxide that is used for lifting brown or yellow stains. This practice is quickly becoming standard. The dentist will apply the hydrogen peroxide with a soft brush before adding water to your mouth, and this creates a bubbling reaction that eliminates ugly discolorations from your teeth.

What Happens Before Your Dental Procedures?

Before any dental procedure, you must have a complete examination to find problems such as cavities or gingivitis. A dentist will also collect medical images or molds of your teeth to make some types of dental restorations.


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