5 Ways To Make Money On The Side

It seems like finances are tight for everyone these days, and the last thing you may want to do is look for a second or even a third job. Working that often puts you away from home, even more, sets you up for the inevitable burnout, and it’s not even a guarantee that you will be able to make ends meet at the end of the month. That’s part of what makes some of the tips on this list so great. You can do them at home (mostly) in your free time, which will put earning money back on your terms.

Start a Quality Blog

A quality blog may be slow earning at first, but that quickly picks up as you add more content and readers. After you have decided on a general theme or the type of blog you want to write, you should consider writing about eight to ten articles ahead of time. This way, when you launch your blog, you will already have posts available for your readers to get a feel for the type of writer you are. You also need to make sure you advertise your blog on additional sites to draw in a broader audience.


Driving can be a great side job that provides you with some relaxation and a tiny bit of freedom. It can also introduce you to new areas of town and new and exciting people. This job is great if you are a social butterfly, but can be just as easily managed if you aren’t. Apps for your phone, like Uber and Lyft, can help you get started by uploading your license and insurance information. From there, you decide what hours you want to drive and when you want to pick up clients. You could even set the app so it will look for clients as you drive to specific locations to run your errands.

Online Tutoring

Tutoring students online can be a great way to both help children and boost your income. If you excel at a particular subject, then start by looking for opportunities in that area. These opportunities will help make the time you spend tutoring pass by much quicker, especially if it was a subject you enjoyed during school. Also, try thinking back to the ways that helped you learn. Often it is the silliest methods that seem to be most effective at helping someone remember something. Lastly, tutoring is an excellent option because the scheduling can mesh well with other jobs you may have. Clients will most likely be in school during the day, allowing you time to work elsewhere and set your hours and rates for evenings and weekends.


This can be an easy option because many couples are always looking for a casual sitter for those nights that they want to get out of the house. Babysitting could also be turned into a full-time gig at your home if it’s something you particularly enjoy. If this seems right for you, then make sure you have proper licensing and approval, then gather clients and set your rates.

Online Surveys

Online surveys seem to be on every list for making money on the side, and for good reason. There are several reputable sites available that are looking for consumer feedback on current or potential product ideas. Some of these pay with cash deposits, while there are others that involve you in a preliminary research study where they send you products to test out. Either way, it’s worth looking into for some extra money.


As you can see, there are several ways that you can use to get started on making money on the side. It may seem overwhelming at first to think about juggling ideas like blogging or driving for Uber, but the beauty of these ideas is that you can set your hours. Working in this way means you can work as much or as little as your lifestyle allows. If hours at your regular job pick up and you want to spend more time there, then you can easily adjust one of your side jobs to accommodate that or vice versa. This concept also works even if you aren’t currently struggling to pay bills. You can use side jobs to help you build a nest egg, pay off some student loans or other debt, or plan a great family vacation.

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