The 5 Best Pool Care Accessories for New Pool Owners

Summer is here, and you’re ready to christen your new pool with a neighborhood party. Be sure to add these accessories to your summer shopping list to make entertaining and downtime easier and more relaxing.

Pool vacuum

A swimming pool vacuum makes it easy to clean leaves or other kinds of debris from your pool, because you definitely don’t want to kill the pool mood with a lot of dead bugs or strange debris floating around your or your guests. You can choose between automatic or manual options. A manual vacuum has a head that attaches to a pole with a hose that connects to a fitting in the skimmer box. You move the head around the pool to do the cleaning. An automatic cleaner connects to a power source and cleans sediment and dirt by moving itself around the pool.


If you like lying in the sun but hate the heat, you will be right at home on a hammock-style float that lets you float in the sun while enjoying the coolness of the water through the mesh bottom. A soft hammock is a comfortable alternative to plastic floats that sit entirely above the water. When you have finished, you can fold it up and pack it neatly away.

Floating Cooler

There’s no need to climb out of the pool to get yourself a drink, and you don’t have to set it on the side of the pool while you swim either. With a floating cooler, you can bring your own drinks in the pool, and you even have a place to put your cup while you are on your float. There is a special place for the ice cubes too. For an added bit of fun, serve your friends in silicone wine glasses that eliminate all the worry over broken glass.


If you live in a place where the evenings get cool or if you enjoy entertaining by your pool when the weather cools off, add a wood burning fire pit for warmth and romance. A stylish alternative to a fire pit is a clean-lined contemporary fire bowl powered by propane gas. Fire bowls can be built into the pool’s design, or a freestanding model can be added later.

Water Element

If you didn’t add a built-in waterfall to your new pool, it’s not too late to get your own touch of Zen. You can find a water fountain to fit into a corner, to hang on the wall, or to tuck into any free space around the pool. Throw in some fiber optic lights to light up the night. Then lie back and relax.


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